1001023   Red Industrie                Koerper Reich                                                  2012

1001016   Red Industrie                Switch                                                                2010




(Red Industrie) Net.Ware Urban United [02] Switch (Skoyz Remix)


created by Helder Camberos in 2008 (from ISIS SIGNUM  & director of mexican electronic label Advanced Synergy Records) and teamed by a lot of international artists. All the songs are written & originally composed by Helder C. and have been produced by several known artists of the underground scene.

Topics for lyrics are fetish, leather, industrial, science fiction, gothic, vampires, futuristic themes and more. Genre selfdiscriped as Future Clash Body Music.

Red Industrie
debut album “Ciencia Ficcion” was released in Mexico by Advanced Synergy in 2009. The album "Ciencia Ficcion" got remixes & productions by artists such as Modulate, Syrian, Elite!, People Theatre, and many more.

Digital single “Electro Body” with guest vocal duet by Yasmin Gate (ex-Dirty Princess) have been a club/web radio hit in the industrial/electro scene and was released in 2009 by USA digital label Black Montanas (label of Millimetric, Crossover, Equitant, Jonathann Cast, Elite!, etc.).

An EP also was released in 2009 at international electronica digital label Sango Music with 4 tracks, titled “Space Science” sold at beatport.com, itunes, etc.

Red Industrie
, Helder's project for live shows and more, have been very well reviewed by Sideline Magazine in Europe, got words like: "This is definitely a band I really want to get more stuff from!", "Electro Body" is pure and powerful body-techno power with great vocal duo", "The songs are 100% electronic merging 80s influences together with electroclash and techno elements. It results in an original and refreshing sound like this musician is used to do".

In 2010, Red Industrie have had released the album titled “Switch”  in Germany by Frankfurt label Electro Arc in late Spring 2010.

Red Industrie album "Koerper Reich"comes with new recordings, new tracks and previously unreleased or previously just released on the digital single, not on CD. Album Koerper Reich could be noted mainly as an Remix album. We will find very well namely noted bands who add their remixes and support like Lia Organa & The Electric Prince, EGOamp, Klonavenus, Batch ID, Equitant, Iambia, Rebel Empire, Richter, Matsfer, Optical Frequence, Kabball, Divider.

A tribute to most powerfull Future Clash, electro, Synth-pop, techno and industrial music orientated wUnderground.