Nostromo 7 - Nostrophil Remixes
"Obsession Meets Creation"
EAN  4001617069431
Label: Electro Arc LC 15678
CD No.: 1001021
Genre: Electronic
Style: ambient, dark ambient, synth pop, industrial dance
Release date: 13th Sept., 2011
Re-released on 1. July, 2014 by SPV GmbH, Hannover

01 Melt Away (Noonatac Remix)...5:14
02 Silence (Henry's Spring Mix)...3:51
03 Alone (Industrial Wave Studio LV426 Mix)...3:59
04 Second Face (Tripes Remix)...4:13
05 Blind Hate (First Aid 4 Souls Remix)...5:00
06 Kozmo 2065 (Vespiary Remix)...4:27
07 Longing 2 (Minor's Soul In Fire Mix)...6:29
08 Melt Away (Nameless City Remix)...5:04
09 Relief (Impurfekt Instrumental Mix)...4:07
10 Silence (S.G.Z. New Dawn Mix)...5:34
11 Longing (N7 Eternal Denial Mix)...4:28
12 Alone (PL Sound Design Someone Mix)...3:59
13 Second Face (Servo.Hatred Remix)...4:35

Original songs were released on
the album Cinemind written
and produced by Nostromo 7
Nostromo 7 is:
Peter Lipovics (Music Composer, Sound Designer)
Gabor Szabo aka S.G.Z (Lyrics, Speech-Vocals, Audio-Visuals)



(Nostromo 7) Electro Arc Vol 3 [09] Longing




(Nostromo 7) Net.Ware Urban United [13] They (Bipolar Robot Remix)