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Genre:         electro

Subgenre:   electronic, dark wave, industial dance
release date: 12th February, 2016


review: Noisy Deafness   
Silent Remembrance Extended
Genre/Influences: EBM.

Noisy Deafness








Background/Info: Electro Arc last year released the digital format of 
the Noisy Deafness debut album “Silent Remembrance”.
The opus has now been released on CD format featuring 3 extra tracks.
Noisy Deafness is a Hungarian solo-project set up by Istvan Laszlok.

Content: You’ll quickly notice the old-styled EBM influences running
through this album. Noisy Deafness sounds like a voyage through the 90s.
I don’t have anything against retro-inspired body-music productions,
but I’m rather disappointed by the global production of the songs.

Most the tracks remain pretty flat and without a real outburst.
I now and then noticed a few cool ideas and even some influences
reminding me of a hybrid between Armageddon Dildos and
The Psychic Force, but the majority of the songs remain unaccomplished.

I don’t know if both last songs of the album are the newer, but they reveal
some extra elaboration and a harder kick. I got the impression of
hearing another band on “Conception” and “Joy”.

Both remixes by subLOGIC and John D. Walkman are well-crafted pieces
adding an extra boost to the work. There also is an extra song, which is
nothing exceptional although more inspired than the rest of the tracklist.

+ + + : The 90s minded EBM inspiration is cool and I also enjoyed the
production of the vocals. Both remixes add power, which is mainly missing.

– – – : I can’t imagine this album entering into the history of EBM.
The songs are under produced and unaccomplished by the exception of
a few cuts.

Conclusion: I’m still supporting a label like Electro Arc, which has a nose
for new and talented EBM acts (think of Akalotz), but this debut album
by Noisy Deafness can’t convince me at all. Let’s not forget it concerns
a debut full length so I hope the best is yet to come.

Best songs: “Conception”, “Joy – John D. Walkman Remix”.

Rate: (5½).


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