Marcus aka Yod801 alias Nemesis21

ist ein Solo-Projekt des in Mannheim lebenden Musik Künstlers. Davor betätigte sich Yod801 als Keyboarder und Songwriter des Elektro-Duos C8K, die durch Beiträge auf den "Front Line Assembly" Tribute Samplern des britischen MomT - Labels und auf der Electro Arc Vol.1  internationale Compilation, auf sich aufmerksam gemacht haben. Live Auftritte in Karlsruhe als support für Daniel Myer's Destroid und ein unvergessener Live-Gig in Bad Homburg zu einem Suspekt EBM event in der Reanimation Serie. Live cracker am Mischpult war schon 2006 Stefan V., der auch das Debüt Album "Alternative Realities" in den Redlight Studios in Frankfurt am Main 2013 masterte. 


Nemesis21 has been the solo project of Yod801 since 2007 after he quit the electro duo C8K. Now being able to express his cynical views on the world surrounding him and regrets about his difficult past - often projected into a cyberpunk-themed world - he's found a harsher, colder sound driven by digital synthesizers ranging from oldschool Electronic Body Music and electro punk to contemporary electro-industrial.

His musical output influenced by the Canadian electro-industrial scene shall always surprise himself, take him onto new grounds in regards of harmonies, rhythms and production in general.


In early 2013 he signed to Electro Arc label based in Frankfurt am Main, in order to release his debut album titled Alternative Realities. Nemesis21 also contributed 

on various Electro Arc compilations in the Net.Ware serie, namely on 


Net.Ware Bouncing Boobs [09] Zwischenwelt (K-Nitrate Interception Mix)

Net.Ware Twist Of Fate [08] Nemesis (Dental Edit)

Net.Ware Whistleblow [12] Hibernation V1.4


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