Invasion Of Female Logic 

mainly is the solo electro music project of Petra Kutschera.



Taking influence in a wide range from oldschool electronics like Depeche Mode,
And One,
Kraftwerk, Neu, Frozen Ducks, The Klinik and many more. 


In the latest past we have had noted contributions by "Invasion Of Female Logic"
on various compilations, namely 
"Underground Industrial Movement", "Free Tibet Free", "NAR-Goth`n`Tronic" and on "Net.Ware Delight", "Net.Ware Etronics".

and "Work Hard"- Compilation.


Remix "Blood Pressure (Invasion Of Female Logic Remix) on Debut album
"Shift To Evil from 

Nearest future planed remixes for “Muscles On The Move”, “Industrial Ferret”, and “Impurfekt  



Live Events

Invasion Of Female Logic

@ AD:REM London

Slimelight - Elektrowerkz

Samstag 21. November, 2015

Invasion Of Female Logic

@ Dark Matter

09599 Freiberg, Sachsen, Germany