First Aid 4 SoulsFountain Of Joy
Selected electro works Vol 3
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15 tracks 1:27:13
01 Fountain Of Joy
02 Silo
03 Homeland
04 The Last Sanctuary Vocals and lyrics by Mark Duffield
05 Volatility
06 Squirrel
07 Okinha (Ambient Version) Vocal and lyrics by Katalin Helfenbein
08 Faravahar
09 Ibn Battuta Voacal by Linda Daemon
10 Bismillah
11 Rendezvous With Rama
12 The Empress
13 Tunisian Rose Vocal and lyrics by Indidhar Kammarti
14 Land Of White Waters
15 Heaveh


All music by Istvan Gazdag
Original painting by Eduardo Pola
Cover layout by Silver
Published by Electro Arc LC 15678 Germany
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