01. Gemini (vocals Balázs Frank)
02. Brave New World (vocals Vikki Ricci)
03. Chaos Cultist (vocals Balázs Frank, István Gazdag)
04. Alien Implant (vocals Balázs Frank)
05. Visitors (vocals Aaron Russell)
06. Nebula (vocals Asbóth Árpád Ciprián)
07. Here Comes the Light (vocals Mark Duffield)
08. Vimana Grha (vocals Linda Daemon)
09. Massaraksh (vocals Balázs Frank)
10. Quiddity (vocals Aaron Russell)
11. The Thirteenth Floor (vocals Aaron Russell)
12. Android (vocals Aaron Russell, Pálfalvy Attila)
13. Gliese 581 (vocals Aaron Russell)



Balazs Frank 1, 3, 4, 9,
Aaron Russell 5, 10, 11, 12, 13
Attila Palfalvy 12,
Linda Daemon 8
Mark Duffield 7,
Vicci Ricci 2
Arpad Ciprian Asboth 6,
Istvan Gazdag 3,


all music by István Gazdad

Artwork Design by Gabor Vetö


First Aid 4 Souls is recently one of the most successful, internationally recognized Hungarian alternative electronic project.Beyond The Galaxy is the forthcoming album released by Electro Arc and strongly recommend to grab it, because this album bring some new energy to the world of alternative electronic music!


On this album can be found influences from many electronic genres. There are tracks with heavy guitar riffs, some elements comes from different style of techno, old-school electro-industrial fans will find imposing cyber sounds too.


You can relax after the aggressive part of the album with some IDM, ambient-like tracks. All these mixed, combined to an exciting and eclectic whole.This album an effective medicine against the dull days and boring minds


a real First Aid 4 Souls!

A mixture out of electro, industrial dance, psychedelic/trance,
industrial-metal, splatter electro also orchestral tunes.



Review @ Machinist Belorussian electro mag

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