First Aid 4 Souls was started as a project in 2006, but the group really has quite a long past. It is the practical successor of the band Vacuum, which was started in 1992. Vacuum became one of the most significant bands in the Hungarian industrial music scene, having appeared on stage with such bands as Clock Dva, Swamp Terrorists and X Marks The Pedwalk; as well as giving countless concerts throughout the country. The band made it their policy to always support other bands whenever the opportunity would present, both instrumentally and in the sharing of opportunities to play; committing fully, in order to strengthen the Hungarian music scene and also to force the band’s discovery of their true musical essence.

István Gazdag is responsible for the musical background and the vocals, he has been worked in the medium of electronic music for 20 years now and has been collecting electric sound making and sound manipulating gadgets since 1985. István continue to enjoy playing/working in and with other bands, particularly like to mention Terra Incognita and his cyber project, The Last European.

István's extrinsical vocals and synths arrangements are accompanied by guitarist Tamas Nimrod. Third First Aid 4 Souls member till 2015 was Zoltan Havasi, electronic percussion, sound sampling. Extrem intensive vocals coming from Balázs Frank.

For Studio recordings a lot of musicians are involved.  Linda Deamon (Drugzone) female vocals, Attila Palvalvy on drums, Aaron Russell (Impurfekt), Mark Duffield (I Am One).

Latest live perfomance supports for Front Lne Assembly, Combichrist, K.i.f.o.t.h., Depressive Disorder, Bahntier, Suicide Inside, Killing Joke, Empusae,  in Slovakia and Hungary.

2013/2014 First Aid 4 Souls live perfomance members


István Gazdag: lead synths and vocal

Zoltan Havasi : Electronic percussions
Gabor Vető: VJ
Balázs Frank : live vocal
Nimrod Tamas: Live guitars

First Aid 4 Souls is recently one of the most successful, internationally recognized Hungarian alternative electronic project. Beyond The Galaxy is the forthcoming and third album released by Electro Arc and strongly recommend to grab it, because this album bring some new energy to the world of alternative electronic music!On this album can be found influences from many electronic genres.

There are tracks with heavy guitar riffs, some elements comes from different style of techno, old-school electro-industrial fans will find imposing cyber sounds too. You can relax after the aggressive part of the album with some IDM, ambient-like tracks. All these mixed, combined to an exciting and eclectic whole.This album an effective medicine against the dull days and boring minds: a real First Aid 4 Souls!





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First Aid 4 Souls Vollalaben MP3 avaiable @ iTunes

Track: (First Aid 4 Souls) Electro Arc Vol 1 [03] Seelenlos

Track: (First Aid 4 Souls) Electro Arc Vol 2 [02] Vurt.

Track: (First Aid 4 Souls) Net.Ware Twist Of Fate [14] Scavenger

Track (First Aid 4 Souls Feat. KIFOTH) Net.Ware Urban United (06] Craving (Clubmix)

Track (First Aid 4 Souls) Victory Monuments [02] Moonchild (Industek Version)

Track (First Aid 4 Souls) Net.Ware Bouncing Boobs [05] Sweet Hell

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