started making music in 2007.

In the beginning their music concept was creating instrumental EBM songs. 


2009 the band became the style between Dive and Portion Control, mixed with Calva Y. Nada. Even with Tribantura influence, in this Thorsten and Nico both found their passion.

The first bigger gig have had performed in 2010. At MS Connex (Mannheim) by Zillo Newcomer Contest their ability was evidence with still a rough sound, the project went well with the public.


In 2013 and also 2014 they have had played at the "Familien Treffen Festival" in Sandersleben, Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany. May 2014 Akalotz supported PNE and Portion Control at Kavka, Antwerp, Belgium.

After this shows Thorsten and Nico went back to produce new songs for the debut album "Shift To Evil" live in Graz, Austria to performe at Electrified - Encount with Jäger 90 in Sept. 2014.

2015 next steps live @ KUZ, Elctronic Beats, Mainz @ Tanzfront, Saarwellingen 
Elekrowerkz, London  @ Schattenschlag, Jena. Dark Matter II, Freiberg, Sachsen. @ WGT Warm Up, Leipzig. 


By their energetic performance and EBM styled sound arrangement only the people let their party emotions fly. 


Greetings from Akalotz to: EBM-Pabst(Markus M), Electric Tremor, PurzlNet (Uwe) Stev von D-F-O-W, David von SadoSato, EBM Radio Mexico, Friend424 - Radio Body Music, Der Retronaut, Kim von Gotz-commercial and all our pursuit we are thankful for your support.

Debut album "Shift To Evil" from Akalotz  released 28th of Aug., 2014 @ SPV GmbH, Hannover

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Live @ Summer Stomp

Samstag, 17. Oktober 2015

im Savoy,

34270 Schauenburg/Elgershausen

          bei Kassel 


Live @ Electronic Transformers Tour

Donnerstag 12. November 2015

im K17, Berlin